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Welcome to NEYLAT!

2015 New England Youth Lacrosse All Star Tournament
Girls: July 11 & 12 | Boys: July 18 & 19
Serving 4th Grade through Junior in High School
Devens, Massachusetts

Created in 1999, NEYLAT, 17 years successful operation, is the first competitive youth lacrosse tournament established in New England for both boys and girls. We pride ourselves on providing a competitive, economically priced, safe, and fun youth lacrosse tournament for teams of all competition levels and their families. Our tournament is located in central Massachusetts and have drawn teams from as far away Texas and California.

  • Guaranteed 5 games over 2 days for all teams
  • Tournament format – Champion for every bracket
  • Official tournament t-shirt provided to all participants
  • Vendor and sponsor showcase
  • First in the country to establish Coaches Code of Conduct

NOTICE: The New England Youth Lacrosse All-star Lacrosse Tournament, in response to our #1 complaint last year, has transitioned to an automated registration, payment and scheduling tool. We have chosen to use “Team Sports Info” for the Team Registration and Payment tool. All of your players will be required to “register themselves and complete any required waivers – on this tool – prior to the tournament” – we will contact all Organizations/Team well in advance with additional information on these new features/functions. This new registration tool will allow you to pay “on-line” via credit card or via check – whichever is more convenient for you. If at any time during your registration process you have any questions please stop where you are in the process and contact us via email (info@neylat.com) or phone.


  • 5 Game Minimum – 2 Day Tournament
  • For 2015 – all games 50 minutes!!!!!
  • 24 min running clock 1st half
  • 2 min Halftime
  • 24 min running clock 2nd half
  • Central horn starts and stops all game
  • Penalties as defined in the Tournament Rules
  • Boys and Girls will use Rules adopted by US Lacrosse


  • A 1st place team will be determined for each Bracket of each Division (i.e.; A, B or C).
  • Medals will be awarded based on results of win/loss or results of play-off game(s).

Tournament Fees and Payment Schedule

Fees includes T-shirt for all players on the Team Roster and head coaches. $1050/ Team, if Paid in Full by 12/31/14, $1100/Team if Paid in Full by 2/28/15, $1150/Team if Paid in Full by 4/30/15 and $1200/Team after 5/1/15. Deposit of $400/Team will hold slots until 5/1/15*. Refunds prior to 5/1/15 will be charged $100/Team processing fee – no refunds after 5/1/15.

*Any Team that has not paid in full by 5/1/15: A) may lose their a slot in the tournament to a team on the wait-list, B) will not be scheduled for games and C) will not receive a schedule until full payment is received.

**Rosters w/ T-shirt sizes received after 6/1/15 will not be guaranteed T-Shirt sizes for their players.
**Rosters w/ T-shirt sizes received after 6/1/15 will not be guaranteed T-Shirt sizes for their players.

Tournament Schedule

To be available 2 weeks prior to tournament

Who to Contact

Garry Keane, 1 Mayhew Dr. , Amherst , NH 03031
(h) 603-673-6689, (cell) 603-930-4533
Email: gpkeane@comcast.net

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(h) 603-673-6689, (cell) 603-930-4533 E-mail: info@neylat.com
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