New England Youth Lacrosse All-star Jamboree &Tournament Rules Boys ~ July 7 & 8 2012

The Boys will follow the National Federation of State High School Associations 2012 Boys Lacrosse Rules except as modified below.

  1. Team Certifications: All Coaches will be required to check-in to the Registration Tent at least 45 minutes prior to the start of their first game to address any missing items, pick up a Coaches Packet that includes a final game schedule, pick-up T-shirts and sign the Coaches Certification and Coaches Code of Conduct. Note: No T-Shirts until a complete roster is supplied.
  2. Length of Game: All games will be 45 minute running clock time periods – 21 minute 1st half, 2 minute halftime, 22 minute 2nd half. There will be a central horn to Start and the Stop all games. Five-minutes prior to the end of each game, warning will be provided by two short blasts of the horn. If neither team is ready to begin play, the game clock will rundown from the common start time reducing the length of game for those teams. No overtime periods will be played for teams ending with a tie - except the playoff games.
  3. Substitutions: Substitutions will be done on the fly except for penalties. Substitution should be on the whistle and on the fly with delay of game strictly enforced for any substitution on the whistle that takes longer than ten seconds.
  4. Advancing the ball (Boys): There will be no twenty or ten second counts--No delay for failing to advance in either the defensive or offensive half of the field for the Boys 11U and 12U Divisions. Four-second counts for goalie clears will apply to all teams.
  5. Body checking (Boys): No Body checking for U11’s & U12’s - players are expected to play the ball and NOT the man when the ball is loose. For 13U - body checking is permitted ONLY against a player in possession of the ball. No take out checks are permitted by any player at any level. DEFINITION A takeout check occurs when a player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to take out (put on the ground/injure) the other player.
  6. Long Sticks for U11’s: Three long sticks, each measuring up to 60" (including stick head & shaft), are permitted on the field at any one time during games – provided both coaches agree prior to the start of the game.
  7. Stick Checking (Boys): Controlled one-hand checking is allowed, as a Point of Emphasis, however, officials will be directed to call such checks closely, watching for stick control and off-hand activity. Any stick contact with the helmet including “the brush” shall be considered slashing.
  8. Offensive Stalling:

    • Any team that is withholding the ball from play may be given a “Stalling Warning” and required to “keep it in the box” – this includes all U11, U12, U13, U14, U15 and U16 Teams.
    • Teams that are leading the game must keep the ball in its attack area during the last two-minutes of the game - for U13, U14, U15 and U16 Teams ONLY. Officials will control the final 2 minutes of all games on the field using their watches.
  9. Time Serving Penalties - Personal and Technical Fouls:

    • For U11 and U12: All time serving Personal and Technical Fouls will result in a fast break for the offended team. A player who has committed a Personal Foul must leave the field and may be substituted (delay of game will be strictly enforced for any substitution that takes longer than twenty seconds). Prior to the whistle all middies for both teams will be behind the midfield line (except one middy for the offended team who will line up 5 yards from the midfield line on their offensive side of the field) and all defensemen for the offending team shall line-up in their defensive area. Offending Personal Foul players shall be withheld from the game for a period of 2 minutes - coaches shall be responsible for keeping track of the time. PLEASE NOTE: A Time Serving, man-down penalty will be given for any serious unsportsmanlike or unnecessary roughness infractions.
    • For U13, U14, U15 and U16: Will be in compliance with the National Federation of State High School Associations 2012 Boys Lacrosse Rules
  10. Code of Conduct Violations: In addition to the Federation or the US Lacrosse rules, any player, coach or anyone associated with the team who violates the Code of Conduct will be subject to a Warning, Ejection from a Game or Ejection from the Tournament depending on the severity of the infraction. An ejection of a coach also results in the opposing team being given three fast-breaks assessed against them for U11 & U12 Teams or a 3 minute non-releasable man-down for U13, U14, U15 or U16 Teams. Any player ejected from a game will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game. Anyone ejected from the tournament will not be allowed to participate in any remaining games in the tournament.
  11. Game scores: Officials will keep track of all game scores that will be reported to the Registration Tent. A win will be given two points, a tie will be given 1 point and a loss will be given zero points which will be posted near the Registration Tent. The team with the highest amount of points at the end of the five games in their bracket will be the champion or will continue on to play the winners in other brackets to determine the champion. See below for ties rules/clarification. PLEASE NOTE: A) It is recommended that both coaches initial the Referee/Umpire scorecard at the end of the game to acknowledge/agreement of the final score and B) It is the coach’s responsibility to check with the Tournament Director at the completion of their 5th game to determine if their team is eligible for any playoff games….or in some case eligible for 1st Place Medals.
  12. Team time-outs: Each team may take 2 - 60-second time outs per game. No time-outs will be permitted in the last five minutes of the game. The game clock will continue to run during these Team time-outs and any Official time-outs.
  13. Slaughter Rule: A five-goal rule will be used for all games. As long as a team has a five-goal lead, the opposing team will have the option to receive the ball at the centerline following the goal or facing off. All coaches are requested to take appropriate steps to manage the total goals scored by their teams in a slaughter situation. There are no additional points or advantage based on differences in goals scored.
  14. # of Coaches on a Sideline: Each team will limit the # of coaches in the bench area to two, a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach. All others besides these two coaches should refrain from communicating with the officials during a game.
  15. Awards for each Division: For the U11, U12, U13, U14, U15 and U16 Divisions: A) Teams in Most Competitive Brackets will compete for a 1st Place medal – Most Competitive, B) Teams in the More Competitive Brackets will compete for the 1st place medal – More Competitive. C) Teams in the Competitive Brackets will compete for the 1st place medal - Competitive. Any team who decides to leave prior to the Champions being decided will forfeit their rights to any medals.
  16. Rules for Addressing Ties in Brackets:

    In the event of a tie in a Bracket after all teams complete their five games, the following strategy will apply to determine the champion:

    • If 2 teams in a bracket are tied those teams will play a 4 Minute - Sudden Death - to determine the champion of that bracket. If there is more than one bracket, the winner will be invited to play another champion of another bracket until the Division Champion is determined.
    • If 3 teams in a Bracket are tied the following play-off methodology will apply:

      • Representatives from each team shall pick an “A”, “B” or “C” from a hat,
      • “A” shall play “B” for a 4 Minute – Sudden Death until a winner is identified,
      • The Winner of the “A” vs “B” shall play “C” for a 4 Minute – Sudden Death to determine the winner of the Bracket. The winner will be invited to play another champion of another bracket until the Division Champion is determined.
  17. Rules for addressing 3 Bracket 1st Place Teams competing for 1st Place for a Division:

    • Representatives from each team shall pick an “A”, “B” or “C” from a hat,
    • “A” will play “B” for a 20 Minute Game,
    • “B” will then play “C” for a 20 Minute Game,
    • “C” will then play “A” for a 20 Minute Game,
    • The winner of 2 games shall be the 1st Place Winner of the Division.
  18. Water: Each team is responsible for bringing a water container to the tournament. A water source will be available at the tournament site.
  19. Clean up of bench areas after games: Each coach is requested to ensure that the bench area is picked-up after each game. Trashcans are available near bench areas and trash bags, if needed, are available in the Registration Tent. If you see a full trash can, please notify a tournament worker.
  20. Resolution of problems or disputes: The Tournament Director (in consultation with the Boys Head Official, if required) will make all final rulings/decisions on any and all problems or disputes.