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New England Youth Lacrosse All-star Tournament Rules

12 & 13 July 2014

The Girls will follow the US Lacrosse 2014 Women’s Rules. The following Rules will also apply:

  1. Team Certifications: All Coaches will be required to check-in to the Registration Tent at least 45 minutes prior to the start of their first game to certify their teams, pick up a final game schedule, pick-up T-shirts, any last minute changes and sign the Coaches Code of Conduct.
  2. Length of Game: All games will be 45 minutes running clock - 22 minute 1st half, a 1-minute halftime and 22 minute 2nd half. There will be a central horn at the Start and End of First Half, Start of Second Half and the end of all games. Five-minutes prior to the end of each game, warning will be provided by two short blasts of the horn. If either team is not ready to begin play, the game clock will rundown from the common start time reducing the length of game for those teams. No overtime periods will be played.
  3. Substitutions: Substitutions will be done on the fly or after goals.
  4. Slaughter Rule: A five-goal rule will be used for all games. As long as a team has a five or more goal lead, the opposing team will have the option to receive the ball at the centerline following the goal or doing a draw. All coaches are requested to take appropriate steps to manage the total goals scored by their teams in a slaughter situation.
  5. Time Serving Penalties – Yellow cards (2 minutes) and red cards (4 minutes) will result in the team playing short, as specified in the rule book. Coaches shall be responsible for keeping track of the time. Any player receiving a red card will miss the team’s next game.
  6. Team time-outs: Each team may take one 30-second time out per half. No time-outs will be permitted in the last five minutes of the game. The game clock will continue to run during these Team time-outs and any Official time-outs.
  7. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: In addition to the Federation or the US Lacrosse rules, any player, coach or anyone associated with the team who: uses derogatory language whether addressing a player, coach or official; engages in fighting or trash talking, or argues with an official will be subject to caution or ejection from the game and/or from the tournament. Anyone ejected from the tournament will not be allowed to participate in any remaining games in the tournament.
  8. # of Coaches on a Sideline: Each team will limit the # of coaches in the bench area to two, a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach.
  9. Game scores: Officials will keep track of all game scores that will be reported to the Registration Tent. A win will be given two points, a tie will be given 1 point and a loss will be given zero points which will be posted near the Registration Tent. The team with the highest amount of points at the end of the games in their bracket will be the champion or will continue on to play the winners in other brackets to determine the champion. See below for ties rules/clarification. PLEASE NOTE: It is the coach’s responsibility to check with the Tournament Director at the completion of their last scheduled game to determine who or if they will play to determine 1st or 2nd Place in their Division. The Referees or Umpires will be turning in scorecards at the conclusion of each game; each coach is requested to initial these cards as evidence of agreement of the final score of each game.
  10. Awards for each Bracket / Level: Teams will compete for medals. All brackets will have a 1st place medals – some will be based on the level (Most Competitive, More Competitive, Competitive) these brackets will not have a 2nd place medal – those brackets that do not have enough teams to create competitive levels will have a 1st place and 2nd place medal. Please refer to the “Girls Tournament Playoffs – 2013 for details about this years’ tournament.
  11. Girls Rules Reminders
    a) 4th Grade (U11) – no checking
    b) 5th Grade and 6th Grade (U13) – modified checking
    c) 7th Grade and 8th Grade – modified checking or full checking (U15FC)
    d) Three seconds closely guarded rule – 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade (not for full checking)
    Good defensive position.
    The three seconds closely guarded rule will be a point of emphasis.
    No holding the ball for more than 3 seconds when closely guarded/marked and the defense has both hands on her stick and is position to legally check were checking allowed. The Umpire count is aloud: ‘one one thousand, two one thousand” whistle.
    e) Modified checking -
    Checking is only allowed if the ENTIRE stick is below the shoulder level. The check must be in a downward direction and away from the body.
    f) 8th Grade full checking (U15FC) – a check to the head results in a MANDATORY red card
    g) Deputies are no longer allowed (4th – 8th Grades)
  12. Rules for Addressing Ties in Brackets: In the event of a tie in a Bracket after all teams complete their five games, the following strategy will apply to determine the champion:
    A. If 2 teams in a bracket are tied those teams will play a 4 Minute - Sudden Death - to determine the champion of that bracket. If there is more than one bracket, the winner will be invited to play another champion of another bracket until the Division Champion is determined.
    B. If 3 teams in a Bracket are tied the following play-off methodology will apply:
    a. Representatives from each team shall pick an “A”, “B” or “C” from a hat,
    b. “A” shall play “B” for a 4 Minute – Sudden Death until a winner is identified,
    c. The Winner of the “A” vs. “B” shall play “C” for a 4 Minute – Sudden Death to determine the winner of the Bracket. The winner will be invited to play another champion of another bracket until the Division Champion is determined.
  13. Water: Each team is responsible for bringing a water container to the tournament. A water source will be available at the tournament site.
  14. Clean up of bench areas after games: Each coach is requested to ensure that the bench area is picked-up after each game. Trashcans are available near bench areas and trash bags, if needed, are available in the Registration Tent. If you see a full trashcan, please notify the tournament director or a member of the tournament staff.
  15. Resolution of problems or disputes: The Tournament Director (in consultation with the Girls Head Official, if required) will make all final rulings/decisions on any and all problems or disputes